Welcome to a website of Web 2.0 knowledge

This website's purpose is to organize all the websites you can find with different applications on Web 2.0.  It is also intended to summarize what each application does, how to use it, and possible lesson plans.  

Another intent for this web site is a list of people in Surrey School District to volunteer themselves for possible Professional Development time with other teachers, to mentor and educate others who wish to try what they have done.  There is major talent in Surrey School District in British Columbia, as yet not tapped to its fullest.  I am hoping that teachers who volunteer their information will be added to this website and other schools can request that they help them during their professional development days.  Since the entire Surrey School District has the same "ProD" days, why not go this route.

Thank you.

Visitor's notice

One of the objects of this website is for others to nominate or suggest other websites of Web 2.0 applications for usage in classrooms, so that they may be added to the list.  You can do this on the "Feedback" section of this web site.  Please suggest links to examples of work, lesson plans you would like to share and any opinion you wish to view. This is the only way this site will continue to grow and help others.

N. Painchaud