About this Site

After a workshop with Chris Toy in August of 2009 at SFU Surrey, I began to think of implementing more Web 2.0 tools in my Infotech 10 class and others.  There are a number of tools out there, some of them used in the business world today, and others that are just plain fun and a different means of presenting what you have learnt in school.  But although there are a number of web sites with explanations of what the Web 2.0 tool does, and it's link, there are not many that mention the pitfalls, or the failing of the tool.  A number of tools work better on Internet Exlorer then Safari.  Some were made for Firefox only.  Others have a feature of loading up pictures for the tool, but some sites load quicker then other Web 2.0 tool sites.  It is important for teacher to not only know what the tool does, but what to watch out for before they actually begin with the tool themselves and with their students.  

I have used the tools mentioned on this site.  I have included in some examples of what I or my students have made.  I have included any problems that I have run into as well as some things you need to prep for before you start with the tool.  The negative and positive of each web tool has been outlined.  Some of the summaries of the tools also have lesson plans included.  This web site was created to help you the teacher choose quickly what tools you may want to try and what to watch out for.  Good luck developing your skills in the area of Web 2.0 tools  ;)


I hope this site helps you to explore the world outside your classroom, and to try new things for you and your students.  Good luck

History of project

I started this project in late August, looking up different Web 2.0 tools and their capabilities.  Every week I choose one or two tools to try out, and some even make it to my classroom where my students try the tool to present what they have learnt.  Some work well, others bomb.  The premise behind this project is to share these experiences with other teachers so they do not have to go through what I have done, searching for the right tool, and setting up the tool for the students.  I hope this project helps teachers to further their education and to enhance their classroom experiences with them.  I hope these tools make learning for students a little bit more fun.  It did for my students.

Thank you.

Our users

There is no typical user except for the teacher that wants to try something new.  Some of these tools can be used just by the teacher for he or she to make a point of learning clearer for students.  Other tools can be used by the entire class, to make learning a positive, creative experience.  

There is only one thing that a teacher needs to work with these tools, the desire to learn something new.

Take care.