Decide, Already! makes it easy for students and groups to come to a decision about anything. You write the problem, then list all the possible solutions.  Whether it be a trivial question like "Where should we eat lunch today," or a critical decision like "What possible topics should we do for our social studies project?"   Decide Already makes the process straightforward and simple, with step by step procedure.


This is the first step.  This is where you put in your question.  The next step is to come up with as many possible answers as you can.  You can explain in more detail each possible answer so the person who is going to vote can get more in.  The next step is to set criteria but I recommend that you don't do this.

 You get an email that says the following"icole, I need your input to help me answer this question: 


Sandwiches or Wraps for Pro D Day? 




Please answer the following question. We can use this as well for our polling and also some work with kids for problem solving.




I've suggested the following possible answers: 


- Sandwiches

- Wraps

- Only salads



If you click the link below, you'll be able to see details and give feedback on the answers that I've suggested. You'll be able to rank my suggestions in the order of your preference. Once everyone has responded, the system will tell me which answer received the highest combined rank. Your opinions will be completely confidential (I won't even be able to see your individual response), but they'll help me make the best decision. 


I'll only be accepting responses until May 26, 2011 at 7:00 am PDT, so please click the link and let me know how you feel right away.   Thanks for your help!"


 If you try to vote a second time then you get the information below. But the great thing is once you answer the question you also can look at the results, they are instantaneous.  


This is what the table looks like.  It's simple, easy to follow and you type in who you want to answer this quiz.  You do need to log in, and it is free.  I highly recommend this not just for students, but for teachers mostly when working on projects.  Great tool.