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 Wow!!!  Wetoku is a web site that lets you record with your web cam a video interview, that you can later embed in your blog.  You can record your meetings for review later on. There is no software to install, and the movie can be instantaneously uploaded.  But you do register and you do have to wait for an email confirmation, so give the students time if you are doing this....  The email takes some time.

 It's a lot like Skype.  You need to invite a friend.  You need a microphone and a camera.  When you start the session you have to send an invitation link to the person you want to talk to and then you begin.  It's important that your connection be fast, and the computer will automatically pick up what type of microphone and camera you have attached.  It's rather simple but effective.  And if the sound is not good, there is a chat to the side.