At Globster you need a day to set up the account at the most, but you do need the students to register.  You do not get an email of verification so you don't need to worry about that and there is an educational section if you wish to make a group for a class (

This site is excellent for making posters...  It is an interactive poster with moving items that is easy to make and share with your friends or the teacher.   You can mix images, put frames around them, add music, make your own recording of your voice, add videos from educational youtube and more.  Its, fun, easy and great to express yourself.  It's easy for any student to learn, just a warning:  save and publish every once in a while because it has closed on my students and they had to start from scratch.    When you publish you can edit your glog any time you want.  You can also make more then one so you publish your glog, and the computer gives you the web address to send to the teacher so that the teacher may see what you have created, and if the criteria has been met.  It took 2 - 3 days for my students to match 9 criteria that I had set.  Click here for an excellent example from one of my students.

Click here to see a rubric for marking Glogster or see below to see a rubric.

 Or see below for an example already done.

My Glogster Rubric

A couple more things, you'll need a video downloader to get the video if you do not want to use the educational youtube.  Look up Keepvid ( writeup to see how that works...The tag is video.

Also this site is very busy on Fridays and Mondays, so plan your day accordingly.  Here are the instructions you can give your students by Christine.  Hope this helps.