A drawing program that creates swf files - flash files.  It's animation at it's easiest.  The drawing tools are simple.  The bottom line indicates the files that you can do.  You can copy the background then add your own picture.  I did a bird one, with the background copied 28 times then a bird drawn in each frame at different locations - not too far from the previous one so that you can see a slow movement and not a jumping bird.  Take your time, do it simple, and you'll get something simple, but smooth.  You can publish, but there is no saving area.  You get the location and the  code to embed your animation, but you don't get a work area.  What you can do is download the animation into a swf file - a flash file.  Great for play and great for teaching sequencing.  Also a great introduction to flash.  That's a bout it.  Not much more.  If someone comes up with another use please tell me.