SweetSearch - search engine.

SweetSearch  - search engine.

Sweetsearch is a search engine that searches only the 35,000 Web sites that it's staff of research experts and librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved.  With search engines now a days run by machines (spiders that go out looking for the wording in a Web site), it's nice to see people evaluating the worth of the sites you get for your results.  this search engine is constantly evaluating the search results to make their rankings the best of the Web sites you need for school work, from museums to government libraries.   It's worth a try using this one for research.  

SweetSearch4Me is our search engine for emerging learners.   SweetSearch2Day is where students Learn Something New Every Day.   Visit SweetSearch for School Librarians for content that helps students use the Web effectively.   Visit our SweetSites for teachers and students, organized by subject and academic level.  Visit SweetSearch Biographies for profiles of 1,000+ significant people.  Visit SweetSearch Social Studies for our best social studies content.  Take their Ten Steps to Better Web Research