Time rime    Time rime

 Timerime is a program that helps you make a time line.  Located at .  Search, compare, and make free lines on the site.  The time lines can be filled with audio, video gragments such as MP3, and YouTube videos.  The application is available as an online community and it can be integrated in other websites as well.  The subjects of the timelines can be anything which relates to time.  For instance, you can create a timeline about yiour favorite pop star, or favorite movies, or a summary of a book, and the events that took place. And of course there is history.  Timerime stimulates the creativity of its users.  It's not only educational but its fun for students.  The log in takes an email back to start the account and it does take an hour or two to get it so register ahead of time or make some accounts.  

Be warned, to upload pictures takes a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time.  It also does not work on a mac to upload photos.  It must be a PC.  The application does not work well on wireless.  There is the ability to upload more then one picture at a time but I was never able to get it to work..  The samples on the page are excellent, and I do mean great, but students will steal some of those examples so please, please ask for a bibliography, so the students learn about copywrite and plagerism.  

Some of my students say that their pictures disappear and they have to reload them, but only 2 out of 30 states this so be aware of this as well.  In total, though, the assignment for this web 2.0 tool was to do a timeline of specific computer developments.  The students had to do 25 different important computer developments, most I named and 5 they got to choose from.  Click here for the lesson plan.  We did peer editing with the assignment which reinforced the learning and when the unit was finished the test results were very good, ranging from 68% to 98%.  Most students did not study for the test, they just knew who invented what and why it was important because of the timeline work they completed.  The one person who failed the quiz was someone who did not complete the timeline.  Talk about results.  In the end the program is worth it.  Good luck