Writeboard allows you to share your web-based documents with a team you are collaborating with. Every edit is saved, there is strong versioning control, and you can easily compare the changes. Unlike the full Basecamp package (the same version but more powerful, and of course, you need to pay for it), Writeboard is free and you can create as many online documents as you’d like. While you cannot import text from an external source, you can copy and paste your original text into a new Writeboard document. It should be noted that plain text exports can sometimes have forcibly-wrapped lines, which be quite annoying to correct manually.

So write a lesson plan online, make the copy for your website, create a marketing brochure, or a product description, or a weblog post, or a song, or a poem, or an idea, or an essay, or a book chapter, or anything else you would normally write in your text editor, or word processor.  Unlike a Word document that's stored on one computer, you can get to your writeboards from any computer in the world with an internet connection and a modern web browser.

Now you can work with a partners on some text or lesson. Want fellow students to contribute to a group paper? Want to collaborate on a project?   Sharing writeboards is easy — simply enter someone's email address and they'll get an invitation with a link to view and edit the writeboard.

Now you want to do some edits.  Writeboard makes editing easy and safe. Every time you save an edit a new version is created and linked in the sidebar. This allows you to write without fear of deleting something, overwriting something, or losing a better version of the document from last week.






Writeboard encourages you to explore ideas wherever they may lead. Don't like what you wrote? Just click a previous version and you're back to the way you had it before.  Ever want to know what changed between two versions of a writeboard? What one student did and then another?  Simple. Just check off two versions and click the compare button. Everything that was deleted will be grey and struck, everything that's new will be highlighted green.

This is especially useful when you are collaborating with multiple people on a writeboard. Now you can see what others have changed or added to their versions of the writeboard.

Writeboard requires Internet Explorer 7, Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.  Writeboard doesn't work with Internet Explorer 6.x.  You can send yourself any version of a writeboard via email or export it to a text file.

 To edit some text you need to use some coding.  There is a coding guide that when you click on the link it shows you the code (see below).  But other then that, it's really very easy.  Try it.